Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Is Well...Going to Start It Again..

I finally decided to work as much as time.. I have... I work half an hour a day.. But i will do.
So, what about my initial plans for 2010...???

I looked again on plans... looks like too big for me now... making 100 blogs in year...earning $1000 k and getting 6,666 visitors per day.

How i will manage
Dont know really and frankly.....

Will i be successful and able to achieve goals??
I still beleive. It is possible.

Am i going to make those many blogs??

I will think and make blogs.

How many blogs i have
Right now, i have many 25 plus..but only 4-5 is serious and others are just with single post.

I am starting from the 2nd of may....i will be updating this blog weekly...because i am working on weekly basis..

You may be thinking....Why i made such crazy goals...
Because i think i will make some fruitful blogs. Which will diamonds at the end.

I am going to sacrifice

  • My sleep
  • My weekends
  • Give extra pressure to my eyes.
  • Working when other sleeping.
I am selecting 2 nd of may because i am shifting to new home then. And will be working from day onwards.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All is Well Progress - March,

I though of leave, what i said earlier. But today i am free and thought of continue with my goals. I am not able to dedicate the time on my online money making ventures from free blogger blogs. Because of time constraints and job. And every single blogs need much of effort, backlinks and content.

My progress:
number of blogs: 10 (7 niche and 3 authority),
I already have these blogs and not every one is new. I think few of them started attracting some visitors from Google and Yahoo. But still it is not enough.
Traffic count for blogs: I not added any counter, but fairly it crossed 50 visits for march without doing any special work.
All blogs needs to be updated, content and backlinks. With time they will start ranking and attracting some long term traffic.

I need atleast 2 hours for my blogs. But right now i am spending only two hours per week. Look like i am lazy chump.


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