Saturday, March 6, 2010

100nblogger Blogging Goals 2010

I am pretty new to this blogging field but instead of making one blog and working. I am making many blogs to know which blog niche is good to attract traffic and which blog niche takes time to attract traffic.

Goals of Blogging 2010.
This is already 10 march. Means 3 months of this year is already finished. Now i have 9 months to do whatever. My plans are.

Blogging goals
1) Making 100 blogs on blogspot. First i will see the success of my 10 blogs, which are now performing well still.
2) 100 blogs in 10 niches, which is not tough to attract traffic. because i am selecting some specific niche.
3) Backlinking: I guess it will be very difficult for me manage 100 blogs and do back linking myself manually. lets see how much i can do alone.

Money goals:
1) I am desperate in making money quick. I is obvious every one wants money for his/her work. And i am also desperate to expand it on big level.
2) March: No Money goals, Making 10 blogs.
April: No Money Goals, Making 10 blogs.
May: No Money goals, Making 10 blogs.
June: No Money Goals, making 10 blogs
Aug: $150
Sep: $200
Oct: $250
Nov: $300
Dec: $1000 from 100 blogs on blogspot.

Traffic Goals:
I am making some traffic goals for my blogs. Why? Because if you try to attract some traffic on new blogspot blogs. You won't get much initially. I mean you won't get any traffic for long time from Google specially. Because i found that Yahoo gives better traffic and quick traffic to new blogs as compared to Google. I don't understand why? Google don't give to much importance to new blogs. I think they have some kind of sandboxing system. Which is believed by many peoples. Still you can do and try different things without bothering the future.

March: 100 visitors per month
April: 500
may: 1000
June: 2000
July: 4000
Aug: 8000
Sep: 16000
Oct: 32000
Nov: 64000
Dec: 2,00,000

Traffic Vs Money Making From Adsense, Infolinks, Adbrite, Smowtion, etc
It is very important to analysis every thing before goals. I know getting 2,00,000 visitors is not joke and managing these many blogs will be really difficult. But I think After working on them, I will surely find the few gems niche blogs. Because most unexpected niche, blogs, posts work as compared to what you are expecting.

For getting 2 lakhs visitors per month, i need 6,666visitor per day on my blogs. It is not impossible. But i think distributing my effort on many blogs will make my goals more difficult. because if you do all work in one direction you will get results far better. Still it will be very helpful to me in selecting niche in future. Because i will be real expert in SEO then.

How To Earn $1000 per month
Looks like i am dreaming. But dreaming is also good.

Page impression 6666 per day, CPC = .20, CTR=2% Monthly earning= $799.

Page impression 6666 per day, CPC= .02 CTR = 2% Monthly earning = $79.

These figures are pretty low as compared to what people can earn from adsense. If you have CPC of $2 then will be earning $8000 per month. Still it all depends on niche.


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