Friday, July 16, 2010

July updates----- how to build niche sites easily

Quick update...
i checked my few blogs which was not updating from ling time.
1) 1 got PR1 and constantly getting more traffic. crossed 500 per month. But this is very low paying niche. I am expecting at the end of this year. This blog must get 2-10k traffic per month.
2) just added few short posts and added and optimize side bar. Now this is getting few searches per day. I will now continue to update in 10 days at least.
3) need more pages to be optimized. potential is unlimited.
4) Will be updating every day for next two months. potential is huge. but needs lof of work.

I am busy with making more hubpages these days. Because i think making lot of money from hub pages is also possible. I will go every thing to be successful hubber.
1) Write low competition, high traffic hub,
2) Optimize them according to keywords.
3) bookmark them and promote them regularly.

How to know which website will be successful niche website
This is trick i learned from my experience.
1) Get domain registered or blog name exact to your keywords.
2) put 4-5 pages related to your keyword. also, use tags, keyword, links.
3) get few links in every 5 days for your blog.
4) Wait for next 15 days to 2 months.
5) keep posting some pages in between.
6) add few more backlinks.
7) wait and see you traffic is increasing or not.
8) you will see consistent traffic or increase in traffic after few months.
9) later try to optimize your pages for keywords they are attracting traffic.

This is what i learned, This process is very easy. no need to work every day on your blog. now i don't bother of those two blogs. not updated from 1-2 months. traffic is consistent. and i will add some small posts. because they will not destroy the main page optmization.

So, if you want to make money,
1) Select high cost non-technical audience keyword.
2) Apply my process.
3) Build traffic. ( it will take 1-6 months).
So, you can all of the sudden drop 10-50 blogs. If you have courage. But now i am afraid of getting banned from adsense. So, not doing it. I will complete m hubpages experiement and 10 power blog project. which will be continue 1 whole year.


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