Sunday, June 6, 2010

June updates 1 Saturday Sunday

On Saturday i did nothing. Just reading many blogs and downloading counterstrike game from torrent. I have low speed data card thats why. I did some research on data cards. So, that i buy high speed data cards in future.

Sunday: I was talking about authority site 3 last time. Today i wrote one hub for that. This hub directly ranked for 8 position in the top page. But my blogspot is not even indexed. I think for the same blogspot blog it will take few months to rank and grab few hundreds of searches per month. I am going to throw few more hubs to for relative keywords.
Also,, i wrote 2 hubs today, which also rank for front page in non-competitive niche. I hope i will get few visitors daily.

I am doing some math here.
I have few decent hubs which i wrote after researching 10 minutes. which gets 5 - 25 visitors per day. as compared to the blogspot blogs which take lot of time promotion and content to get visitors. Also you are doing bookmarking and backlinking work. Then you are getting some visitors.

So, if i write 100 hubs which gets 10 visitors per day for 30 days = 30,000 visitors per month. and take only 60% means you get 20,000 visitors per month. as compared to blogspot.

But you can make blogspot blogs much better in future. If you are constantly putting some effort. Like After certain amount of time. It is possible that only one blogspot blog is getting 20k visitors. After all that is seperate website.

My new strategy
Blogspot blogs
TLD domains

This month i will be making 5 more blogs...with 15 more hubs.



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