Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Updates of May...and next June ahead

Authority site 1: I have one blog more then 150 pages indexed. and want this to be on authority site on Google and Yahoo. But very limited traffic is coming. Only 10-15 visitors per day. I will see the improvement on this blog in next few months. because it is attracting very low google competition searches quickly. But other hand i am targeting and expecting 1k - 10 k searches from SE. lets see what happens in next 6 months to this blog.

Authority site 2: I want this blog to be authority site with only 50 pages indexed but it has only 5 pages indexed. i want to see. Whether few pages with lot of links will work or hundreds of pages will work. and which will needs less effort. No expectation because i dont know the possibility in this niche.

Authority site 3: Ultra small niche, I want this site to be on google on the top very quickly. Not going to make me rich. just only for testing. also i will throw hubpages with same topic. I am dead hubs will rank on the top. If i will throw. expecting to dominate whole niche....
should give me 300-2k visitors.

Updates for May
Installed adsense in one blog two days ago. Got three clicks. earned only 0.02$. Hopeless. i need 1k visitors to earn some thing decent.
Traffic: now i installed counters to three blogs. from next months onwards i will see the visitors count.
Made approx 20 blogs. most of them indexed. But no use. I need to do some serious research of keywords to make them use of.

Next JUNE Plans
I am going to make 5 more blogs this month. So, that i can think next. I am expecting 500 visitors for all my blogs on june. Later i will double the count every time.

Real count for my blogs: 5 blogs which can do some thing. plus 20 indexed to google.
This month i will surely doing research hard and write some content for my blogs too. I am also happy that i got second adsense payment of $108.

My target is acheive atleast $100 per month. Later other with 100 blogs too.



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