Friday, July 16, 2010

July updates----- how to build niche sites easily

Quick update...
i checked my few blogs which was not updating from ling time.
1) 1 got PR1 and constantly getting more traffic. crossed 500 per month. But this is very low paying niche. I am expecting at the end of this year. This blog must get 2-10k traffic per month.
2) just added few short posts and added and optimize side bar. Now this is getting few searches per day. I will now continue to update in 10 days at least.
3) need more pages to be optimized. potential is unlimited.
4) Will be updating every day for next two months. potential is huge. but needs lof of work.

I am busy with making more hubpages these days. Because i think making lot of money from hub pages is also possible. I will go every thing to be successful hubber.
1) Write low competition, high traffic hub,
2) Optimize them according to keywords.
3) bookmark them and promote them regularly.

How to know which website will be successful niche website
This is trick i learned from my experience.
1) Get domain registered or blog name exact to your keywords.
2) put 4-5 pages related to your keyword. also, use tags, keyword, links.
3) get few links in every 5 days for your blog.
4) Wait for next 15 days to 2 months.
5) keep posting some pages in between.
6) add few more backlinks.
7) wait and see you traffic is increasing or not.
8) you will see consistent traffic or increase in traffic after few months.
9) later try to optimize your pages for keywords they are attracting traffic.

This is what i learned, This process is very easy. no need to work every day on your blog. now i don't bother of those two blogs. not updated from 1-2 months. traffic is consistent. and i will add some small posts. because they will not destroy the main page optmization.

So, if you want to make money,
1) Select high cost non-technical audience keyword.
2) Apply my process.
3) Build traffic. ( it will take 1-6 months).
So, you can all of the sudden drop 10-50 blogs. If you have courage. But now i am afraid of getting banned from adsense. So, not doing it. I will complete m hubpages experiement and 10 power blog project. which will be continue 1 whole year.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Week:2 Updates

Today saturday. I downloaded some market samurai for 12 days trial period. Actually it is just like google keyword tool. But it gives more future analysis. Like how much you can earn if you are on the top of search engine for particular keyword. Also with number of pages indexed on google. I think it is good.
Now evening 7. No progress. No articles. Once i thought to leave every thing. Feeling very lazy. Months are passing and passing. I am going ahead with tortoise speed.

Few days ago, i talked with writer. Going to hire him for me. He will write for me. I think i can do better then him. But i wanted to put all my effort in analyzing, keyword research, and making backlinks.

I am making $1 per day. Most of the earning is coming from hubpages.

adsense: $1
Blogspot: (adsense installed): 2

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June updates 1 Saturday Sunday

On Saturday i did nothing. Just reading many blogs and downloading counterstrike game from torrent. I have low speed data card thats why. I did some research on data cards. So, that i buy high speed data cards in future.

Sunday: I was talking about authority site 3 last time. Today i wrote one hub for that. This hub directly ranked for 8 position in the top page. But my blogspot is not even indexed. I think for the same blogspot blog it will take few months to rank and grab few hundreds of searches per month. I am going to throw few more hubs to for relative keywords.
Also,, i wrote 2 hubs today, which also rank for front page in non-competitive niche. I hope i will get few visitors daily.

I am doing some math here.
I have few decent hubs which i wrote after researching 10 minutes. which gets 5 - 25 visitors per day. as compared to the blogspot blogs which take lot of time promotion and content to get visitors. Also you are doing bookmarking and backlinking work. Then you are getting some visitors.

So, if i write 100 hubs which gets 10 visitors per day for 30 days = 30,000 visitors per month. and take only 60% means you get 20,000 visitors per month. as compared to blogspot.

But you can make blogspot blogs much better in future. If you are constantly putting some effort. Like After certain amount of time. It is possible that only one blogspot blog is getting 20k visitors. After all that is seperate website.

My new strategy
Blogspot blogs
TLD domains

This month i will be making 5 more blogs...with 15 more hubs.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Updates of May...and next June ahead

Authority site 1: I have one blog more then 150 pages indexed. and want this to be on authority site on Google and Yahoo. But very limited traffic is coming. Only 10-15 visitors per day. I will see the improvement on this blog in next few months. because it is attracting very low google competition searches quickly. But other hand i am targeting and expecting 1k - 10 k searches from SE. lets see what happens in next 6 months to this blog.

Authority site 2: I want this blog to be authority site with only 50 pages indexed but it has only 5 pages indexed. i want to see. Whether few pages with lot of links will work or hundreds of pages will work. and which will needs less effort. No expectation because i dont know the possibility in this niche.

Authority site 3: Ultra small niche, I want this site to be on google on the top very quickly. Not going to make me rich. just only for testing. also i will throw hubpages with same topic. I am dead hubs will rank on the top. If i will throw. expecting to dominate whole niche....
should give me 300-2k visitors.

Updates for May
Installed adsense in one blog two days ago. Got three clicks. earned only 0.02$. Hopeless. i need 1k visitors to earn some thing decent.
Traffic: now i installed counters to three blogs. from next months onwards i will see the visitors count.
Made approx 20 blogs. most of them indexed. But no use. I need to do some serious research of keywords to make them use of.

Next JUNE Plans
I am going to make 5 more blogs this month. So, that i can think next. I am expecting 500 visitors for all my blogs on june. Later i will double the count every time.

Real count for my blogs: 5 blogs which can do some thing. plus 20 indexed to google.
This month i will surely doing research hard and write some content for my blogs too. I am also happy that i got second adsense payment of $108.

My target is acheive atleast $100 per month. Later other with 100 blogs too.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monthly Goal May And April status.

In May
Making 20 blogspot blogs with 20 post each.
And start getting some traffic from search engines.
Total should be 20 + 5 = 25 blogs.

April status.
My two new blogs are getting daily visitors from Google and yahoo. And rest 3 is not. Because i am updating them once in a month. And also no backlinks, because no time.

So, slowly i will be adding more content and doing some backlinking work. I hope every single blog will get 100 visitor per day at the end of this year.

I am also involving more peoples to help me. So, that i can do more in least time.

100 blogs * 100 visitors per day * 30 days = 30, 000 visitors per month. And i will surely expect $100 - $ 500 per month from these.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Is Well...Going to Start It Again..

I finally decided to work as much as time.. I have... I work half an hour a day.. But i will do.
So, what about my initial plans for 2010...???

I looked again on plans... looks like too big for me now... making 100 blogs in year...earning $1000 k and getting 6,666 visitors per day.

How i will manage
Dont know really and frankly.....

Will i be successful and able to achieve goals??
I still beleive. It is possible.

Am i going to make those many blogs??

I will think and make blogs.

How many blogs i have
Right now, i have many 25 plus..but only 4-5 is serious and others are just with single post.

I am starting from the 2nd of may....i will be updating this blog weekly...because i am working on weekly basis..

You may be thinking....Why i made such crazy goals...
Because i think i will make some fruitful blogs. Which will diamonds at the end.

I am going to sacrifice

  • My sleep
  • My weekends
  • Give extra pressure to my eyes.
  • Working when other sleeping.
I am selecting 2 nd of may because i am shifting to new home then. And will be working from day onwards.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All is Well Progress - March,

I though of leave, what i said earlier. But today i am free and thought of continue with my goals. I am not able to dedicate the time on my online money making ventures from free blogger blogs. Because of time constraints and job. And every single blogs need much of effort, backlinks and content.

My progress:
number of blogs: 10 (7 niche and 3 authority),
I already have these blogs and not every one is new. I think few of them started attracting some visitors from Google and Yahoo. But still it is not enough.
Traffic count for blogs: I not added any counter, but fairly it crossed 50 visits for march without doing any special work.
All blogs needs to be updated, content and backlinks. With time they will start ranking and attracting some long term traffic.

I need atleast 2 hours for my blogs. But right now i am spending only two hours per week. Look like i am lazy chump.


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